Cost Estimates

The cost estimates provided in Table 3-1 are quoted per test. The amount quoted will cover:

  • Sampling – this includes setting up of automatic samplers (in the case of WWTW), maintenance of the samplers, retrieving of samples from the automatic samplers or grab sampling (in the case of rural sampling).

  • Installation and / or repair of flowmeters at the various WWTW, based on known figures prior to implementation supported by confirmed figures per the condition-assessment

  • Transport of samples to the laboratory – this includes providing all necessary equipment and consumables to ensure the forensic integrity of the samples during transportation, and associated courier costs.

  • Laboratory processing and tests – the samples will be processed and a quantitative result reported.

  • Analysis and reporting – analysis of the laboratory results with respect to extrapolating back to the community to provide a report of the COVID-19 occurrence in a community.

  • 10% additional testing has been built into the figures, meaning 10% of all samples collected will be tested at supplementary / complementary 3rd party laboratories that comply with our methodologies and procedures.

Table 36: Cost Estimate for COVID-19 Surveillance in WWTW’s

Type of test

Price per test (excl. VAT)

Urban WWTW

R12 100.00


Grab samples taken from 5 sites per 350km sampling trip

R11 050.00

Grab sample taken from 1

site per 300km sampling trip

R 20 500.00

The rates above are based on the following assumptions:

  • a 12 month sampling period, with the option of renewal;

  • a sample being taken from each site every 3 days / 10 times per month;

  • the inclusion of 79 WWTW sites for the duration of the project (ERWAT, Emfuleni, Johannesburg Water, Tshwane + Steve Tshwete);

  • All consumables and equipment have been taken into account, including sophisticated software to track each sample from collection through to results.

  • Ad-hoc and / or single testing sites have an adverse impact on pricing, as indicated above. Through the coordinated and planned determination of sampling points, these costs will be reduced by grouping sampling points into practical clusters.

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